Any AV pre/pro's or receiver with parametric EQ?

Wondering if anyone has any experience with or know of any AV processor/premp's that incorporate some kind of EQ (preferably Parametric) in their processing, at any given price point?
I seem to remember some of the newer medium price point AV receivers with some calibration abilities for equalization out, like from Yamaha. But I'd like to know if any other options are out currently with some ability to adjust for bass problems in the room, that are built into a processor?
Otherwise, I'm stuck with outboard EQ options. Anyone???
had a Sony TA-E2000esd that did. It's an old model with only Pro Logic, but one of their newer one might have the feature.
B & K has one or two frequency parametric EQ in its processors. Sherwood Newcastle has auto eq available. New Meridian gear has automtic correction below 200 hz.
On the pre pro side of things, the Sherwood Newcastle P-965 has a parametric EQ called SNAP developed by Cirrus. Have no experience with it though.

Some higher end / high end receivers from Denon such as the 5805 and the 4806 carry a well regarded parametric EQ system developed by Audyssey called MultEqxt. This, along with EZsetEQ system found on higher end Harman Kardon receivers are the only systems capable of correcting bass problems typically found in most rooms as they are the only systems to address low frequency response. Systems found in Yamaha and Pioneer / Elite receivers do not address low frequency response.

A great option that has just been released late last year is the SMS-1 system from Velodyne. This is a stand alone solution which allows you to both automatically or manually EQ your sub / bass response in your room. It is very powerful and very flexible and allows you to see the effects of any changes you make instantly via a great GUI. Price I believe is $599 which is a touch pricey but in my opinion worth it. Simply partner this up with your pre pro or receiver and sub and you are good to go.

Good luck in your search.


On the PrePro side, the Lexicon MC-12 is available with room correction EQ. The Lexicon system does not try to flatten the frequency response, but reduces / eliminates resonances in the lower frequencies, up to about 250 Hz. I heard an improvement in clarity (beyond just the bass) when I installed it in my MC-12.

The B&k allows for 3 notch filters, (to correct room resonance), between 20Hz - 300Hz. Each notch is adjustable in width. Additionaly, an adjustable boost or reduction in dBs above and below any two selected freguencies is assignable to various 'groups' of speakers, (front, center, surround, back, sub).

Of late I have been looking Very seriously at the AV123 R-DES parametric eq that provides 4(?-maybe 5), notches between 20Hz - 100Hz to correct subwoofer response within the users listening room. It is of course outboard.

However, with the R-DES controlling the sub induced room modes, and the B&k controlling 100Hz - 300Hz I am thinking there should be plenty of adjustability in the critical 0Hz - 300Hz range.

Good luck - to both of us.