ANTI-CABLES speaker cable vs Audio Arts SC-5SE

Lately, I have found two cable companies producing audio cables, especially speaker cable, at peoples' prices. Though, the Audio Arts cable is more expensive, it is still appears quite reasonable. Paul Speltz "Anti Cable" is ridiculously inexpensive....a 12 ft pair of speaker cable sells for $120.00!!!!!! Has anyone tried either or both these speaker cables. If so, which one do you think sounds better.?? Thank you
Yes, tried both with my NHT Classic 4. The anti cables are good for the money. The Audio Art 5SE's are damn near reference quality to my ears, in the sense that they aspire to do exactly what they set out to do, do it in a musically positive way, hit alot of the audiophile checkmarks doing it, have a rare sense of cohesive wholeness, and exhibit no faults within the context of themselves while achieving it.

Very openly relaxed presentation, with bass texture that I've never heard at the price. Took about a week for them to settle. Good out of the box but a bit boxed in, then weirdly bright, then around day 6, they showed their stuff. Slightly darker than neutral, but very effortlessly revealing, very rhythmic, but with an unforced clairty that's hard to describe, but an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Know this is late, but hope it helps.
TO BGB, Yes, that information is very helpful. I bought the Audio Art SC-5 (cheapos) which were partialy burned-in. I think they sound good, possibly a little better. I previously had Acoustic Zen Hologram 2 speaker cable, but its width was getting tough to deal with, that is, I was tripping over them almost every day.

However, SC-5 are missing about almost a third of the sound quality of the AZ's. I thought the SC-5 had somewhat better bass, and provided a wider soundstage. I might go to the SC-5SE, but don't want to spend $700 for a 12ft pair. I also need to have spades at the amp end because the dumb RED Dragon mono blocks I use have antiquated speaker connections with a nub for positve, and one for neg, which are held in place by a plastic collar that is tightened down with a large plastic knob....JUST DUMB!!!. I might sell the amps, just not to have to deal with these connectors. I wonder if any one ever considered putting speaker connectorS on the front of the amp for easy hook up and access