anthem statement p5 for home theater

Ok, just pulled the trigger and purchased a used anthem statement p5!

figured i would see what all the fuss is about using a separate amp.

although i do not have a dedicated pre for this amp, i am going to be using my pioneer elite 92txh with its pre outs for now.
any tips or tricks i should know about?

i got 5, straight wire encore 2s Xlrs with the purchase. i know i can't use them yet, but i want to know how good are they? they are about 7 feet long, when i get my amp placed and a pre... should i shorten them if i can? or does length not matter with xlr's?

my speakers are 804S fronts, htm4S center and cdm 1 SE rears

Any advise on any of this would be appreciated
I was about to repost because i did not think this post was going to come up.... so here we are....i love this site!
Is there a way to stop the "pop" sound when i power up the amp? i have tried turning it on before and after i turn on my pre. same noise.
Turn your preamp/processor on first.
Have you tried turning it on with the trigger or with the auto-sensing? Not sure if it will make a difference or not. Many power amps give you this type of thump or pop when you turn them on. Unless it is loud, it is not really an issue.

How does the amp sound?
I cannot really make a fair comment on the amp yet. i moved the sub other of the way and the elite was on a different decoding type then i usually have. plus the amp is currently being connected to my elite with 20 year old rca cables of real low quality and varring lengths. i will get it dialed in, in a few days when i get my cables. but so far the harsh highs that i was having with my speakers has mellowed out. and that is good. plus i am sort of a pessimist so i do not know if i am the person to ask an opinion from.
Any ideas on the xlr cables? do any of the amp "tricks" really make the sound better? ie the hockey puck under the feet? or are most of those tricks for tube type amps and such?
so how do you like the Anthem? I replaced my Mac MC-206 with a P5 and have noticed slight loss in high end , however , have yet to perform room correction.
I am running 20 year old rca cables right now and have been moving things around so i cannot give a fair comparison. i was just running the pioneer elite receiver for everything. but that being said.... i like how the highs are not high and the mids sound much improved....i would say the sound is more deep and full.
Other ideas?