Anthem getting into two channel with new STR pre-amp-- anyone heard it?

Has anybody heard the new STR pre-amp?  I like the feature set for my purposes, but I can't hear it at my local Anthem dealer, as they do not stock this series.  It has home theater bypass, including for two subs.  Also has MM and MC phono inputs, and a DAC. 
I'm gonna try and resurrect this thread.
I've been waiting for a thorough review of the STR Pre-Amp for months.
Finally Gene at Audioholics has done a stellar review of the STR Separates.
Have to admit that I am a long time owner of Anthem Statement gear & find their amps seriously under-rated. Their Pre-Pros are well-respected and rightfully so.
It's disappointing to me that there is such a seeming lack of interest in this gear. The STR Integrated is getting decent attention & great reviews.

After the empirical confirmation of my instincts, I will be buying the STR Pre-Amp for my 2.2 system in the New Year.

I'm hoping to find a dealer willing to deal a bit.
Harry, I hope you'll tell us how you like it.