Anthem AVM20 How Good?

Hello,I read alot of positive reviews on this Pre/Pro,I'am seriously considering buying one,2.10 version.
I would like some input from folks with personal experience
with this unit.
Does it have a built in digital EQ?I played with such a feature on the Krell HTS 7.1 and walked away knowing that what ever Pre/Pro i end up with,It must have this feature.
I loved the krell but a bit out of my league in price.
I Thank You in advance for your time!
Happy Holidays
They'll pry mine from my cold dead hands. The best pre/pro for under $3500.00. Other pre/pros auditioned: parasound 2500, Sunfire Theater Grande III, Krell showcase, Sunfire Theater Grande II, Adcom 860 and 880.
The best aspect of the Anthem is the flexibility of its crossover settings. It allows you to maximize the low bass potential from each channel in your HT system. The settings start at 25hz (much lower than many HT processors) and work their way up from there in 5hz increments.

Its a fantastic sounding unit. In 2 channel, the analog bypass mode sounds nearly as good as my ARC LS25mkII 2-channel preamp. Almost... :)