Another streaming newbie

Guys, I have tried to search and figure this out, because I know this topic has been well-covered. But I am still wandering in the dark, so plz forgive my redundant questions....

First, here's my current rig,: I built a Lenco table 15 yrs ago with a JMW 10 arm/London Super Gold that I run into a phono pre that I built from a pretty high end kit  (can't see the name, have no idea what it is now!) thru a VTL tube IT-85 integrated amp and then thru some SF Electa Amator II, supported by a sub I built.  So pretty mid-fi setup, but it really works for me.  Sounds great, to my ears.  

The Covid thing has me home (no golf in Los Angeles!), listening to music more. Would love to stream something that approaches the vinyl sound quality with a music service, but being retired, budget is more a concern now... I just subscribed to TIDAL with its premium level (MQA) that I was running straight from my iphone 6 to the VTL. Meh.  Then my daughter ran same stuff through her iphone 11 and, hey, that sounded better.  So, clearly, I am in need of a streaming DAC.  

I know MQA gets mixed reviews. I have no way really to test this or to go listen to stuff. Everything is shut down here. So here's the criteria that matters most to me:
  • A great UI app because now streaming is like going to the Smithsonian.  There's a lot to organize. 
  • Great sound. (whatever that means!) 
  • One box.  Cables get expensive & messy.  
  • I'd like to keep it under $2K. I'd really like to keep it under $1K, but that may be wishful thinking.  I mean, is Bluesound Node 2 up to it? I am sure it would beat my daughters iphone 11, but ... what are reasonable streamers/DACS?  Where's the killer solution that isn't $10K?  I know it's out there....
I am not so far into TIDAL that I can't change. My system is in the same room as my router, so I can run an ethernet cable to the DAC.  As I have looked at all of this, it has occurred to me to get an older, much higher quality used DAC that I can somehow mesh with TIDAL (or another service with high quality streaming) and forget the MQA.  But this has to somehow hook into my internet directly and be able to be run by a remote UI.  So now my head is spinning.

Thanks for your input.  Chuck
Used Lumin U1 mini or Innous Mini 3 + Schiit Bifrost Multibit dac should b a combo that provides u w very good streaming quality.  Good luck.
I started on this journey long ago (tech years). Spotify then Deezer and then a shoot out Twix Tidal and Qobuz. I thought Qobuz edged out Tidal, no MQA for me, High Rez Qobuz (24/96) is enough.

Started with Sonos, Then added external DAC, Then modified the Sonos each step picking up improved SQ. Currently sitting at a Bryston BDP Pi as a Roon end point with a Wadia DAC. This managed by a Roon Core running On my iMac.

Glad to hear you are considering a Raspberry Pi. That’s what my Bryston is based on and I think it sounds great. The Bryston Pi is a pricy piece at $1.4k. But if you keep your eye out you can’t get them for half that. I found mine on USA audio mart for less than $600. Build your own sounds fun , good project for a retired guy and an engineer consultant close by. My local dealer here has a demo Chord DAC for around $1.5K so if you could do a combo like that you would be in around $2K. Then if you add a Roon core running on your network you get the immersive user management console. All for a pretty cheap price. My next step will be to get rid of this noisy ass iMAC and add a dedicated Sonic Transport to run the Roon Core.
I see a few mentions for Roon, but no one has mentioned Audirvana. I tried both and for the money, Audiravana was my choice. Mostly, because it streams FLAC and most other formats directly from my iMac to my Oppo BD103 and sounds pretty good to me. It doesn't use Airplay, so the sound isn't limited to 16/44. It has a decent interface and a solid iPhone app as well. It might be something to check into as well.
My advice. You are playing vinyl now. Stick with it. I use my Raspberry Pi streamer with Qobuz to discover new music I want on vinyl. Occasionally I listen critically to Qobuz, but really vinyl holds my attention the most. My suggestion. Pick up a Bluesound Node 2 or 2i. Then get a Topping D90 or DX7 Pro. This will come very close to $1k. The DACs listed are some of the best measuring and performing that you can by at 4 times the price! Then see what moves you more. If streaming, then upgrade this system. If still vinyl, then you are set!
I purchased a Denon DNP 800 NE refurbished online last month for $369. I figured that is a great way to dip my toes into streaming. So far I am very happy with it. At some point I may upgrade, but for now am very happy I went this direction instead of all in on separate audio streamer and dac. This would be very similar to the bluesound node.