I have been reading the forums here and else where in my search for a new DAC. This DAC will be for my home office head phone set-up only - not for the "big rig" in the listening area.

Current set-up:

Dedicated laptop Windows 7 32-bit OS JRiver MC17 out via USB into Stello U2 out via i2S into Stello DA100 Signature out via SE RCA to Rudsitor RPX-33 head phone amp.

I use RAL cables throughout, including a dual conduit USB (Two type A connectors at the laptop end and one Type B connector at the U2).

I want to replace the U2/DA100 Sig with a DAC that has asynchrous USB in - other digital inputs OK, too.

Short list from reading (but open to suggestions) is Wyred DAC2 and Ayre QB-9. Ayre is a bit of a budget stretch, but doable if there is a reason. I plan to buy used in here on AudioGon.

I worry about the Ayre having only one input - it is limiting for the future, but really all I need at this time in this set-up.