Yet Another Budget Integrated Amp Question

I work as a Chef in a secluded resort during the summer and live right on the property in one of the cabins. Because of this I am not able to listen to music at a very high volume.

Last year I had a Peachtree Nova that worked pretty well but I ended up selling it at the end of the season to fund other purchases for my home system.

I had considered getting another Nova but now think I might like to try something else. The room is approx 12x18 with 10 ft ceilings and the entire room is bare wood.

The speakers I am using will be a/d/s/ S700's. They are 4ohm and somewhat famous for their lack of midrange clarity. Probably not the best choice of speakers in the a/d/s/ line but it's all I have at the moment.

I would welcome any suggestions for an amp (perhaps NOT on the warm side)in the range of $6-700 used or new source will be mac mini or laptop with a Halide Design dac.

One caveat I have owned most of the usual suspects from Nad, Marantz, Denon, Cambride Audio so I'm thinking would like to try something else.

Anyone with experience with the new Teac Reference line? I can get a demo AI 501 AD for around $650.

Vintage Sansui amps AU 9500 or similar ones will humiliate your modern choices.
Rega Mira used. Does not have a FORWARD midrange but is sweet, spacious and nice.
Second the Mira or even the newer Rega R integrated, both will embarrass your 'usual suspects'. Not familiar with the Teac line personally, but I know them to make nicer stuff in the higher lines.

The vintage Sansui amp suggestion is correct along with Luxman, Tandberg and Yamaha, however......they will experience capacitors past their prime and perhaps other glitches such as bad pots. Also, some of the speaker terminals were designed with 18 and 20 gauge speaker wire in mind and are a pain in the arse to work with.
I have owned a few vintage sansui's like the 717, 719 and agree they are great but as Celtic66 points out could be a roll of the dice. The Rega is definitely on my list along with Creek, Exposure and a few others. Thanks guys!
There are a number of used Rega Brio-R for sale right now at less than $600. I owned one for about a year until I upgraded. Very impressive bass and midrange for the cost. The small size is also a plus for those who have limited space.
The Brio is the likely candidate however I stumbled upon a YBA Heritage A100 that looks really interesting but it's just a hair out of my budget.
There's a couple of Primare integrateds listed here currently.  They're class d amplification.  I just purchased a new i22 model,. 80 watts into 8, 160 watts into 4 ohms. Excellent all around in terms of quality, and in my opinion a very neutral sonic signature - uncolored. Hope this helps. 
Older made in England not China Audiolab if you can find one. Sometimes shows up on ebay. 60 watt/8 ohm, pretty good. Greatly benefits from good power cord. I used to use one before my current Redgum.
This one spent a lot of time on the Stereophile recommended list. Now for sale here on Agon for $ 650 I think, looks a bit scratched up but supposed to be working excellent.
I had a Nova 125SE, replaced it with an Ayre AX-7e and finally a Rogue Audio Sphinx.
The Nova lacked details and extension. The Ayre was most neutral with good extension and great details, but was not engaging. Very good for analyzing but not the best for enjoying the music.
The Sphinx was not quite as detailed or extended as the Ayre, but was far more engaging. It was hard to analyze the performance with the Sphinx as it kept pulling me into the music.
The Sphinx is very musical. A used one is a bit more than your budget but in my opinion worth it.

Thanks for your replies guys but I started this thread a few years ago. That summer I stretched the budget and got a Jolida dac/pre and a class d audio sds 470c. Last summer I used a Vincent sv237 that I got a crazy good deal on. Still have the Vincent. Thanks again.