Andreas Vollenweider?

I recall seeing Andreas at a theater with the best acoustics I have ever heard. We were seated center mezzanine; it was like being in the center of a huge speaker.
The performance Andreas and his aggregation put on was so mesmerizing; each musician played several different instruments. Andreas played two kinds of harps and a koto. The percussionist had such a vast array of bells gongs and "tinkly" sounding things he could hardly be seen. That evening went far too fast.
Is he still around, I wonder? Or is he behind the gardens under the tree?
Always liked his music.
Saw him 2 years ago on a rare US tour. I think that's the problem, he can't fill large places anymore and any tour in the US becomes very costly.

If he comes back I would see him in a heartbeat and bring the kids this time. Great show, very entertaining and accessible music even if you're not familiar with it.
I saw him years ago, doing White Winds, fantastic!
My favorite "Listen in the dark" music. I use Cavern Magica to demo soundstage. LOL
Saw him in San Diego at SDSU open air pavillion.
Best of New Age IMO (Michael Hedges at Ravinia not far behind).
I saw him live at the Greek in Berkeley, and it was unforgettable, and I have since seen no better concert. Jallen
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