Analog vs Digital performance of Bryston SP2

For 2-channel music, has anybody found the digital side of Bryston SP2 performs just as well as the analog by-pass? I would like to soon wirelessly hook the SP2 to my computer which can act as a music server. The problem here, at least with my equipment setup, is that SP2 digital does not have as much detail a sound as that of the analog side which obvious needs a regular CD player. My source is the Meridian 596, with its analog connection to the SP2 using Linn interconnect, and with its digital link using Madrigal MDC2. So am I stuck with a CD player? Thank you.
Are you considering the level difference? On my SP2, the analog bypass playback level is above the level of digital. I have tried several CD players, and the level is difference is consistant (Linn 2.1, Marantz 9500). When I account for level differences, I prefer the digital "sound." My computer is hooked to the SP2 via a squeezebox.
With my equipment, the level difference is not enough to grab me. Also the overall sound (when you listen at an off-axis position) are quite similar between the analog and digital side. What stands out however are the greater amount of detail and the less distortion thus wider soundstage when I use the analog by-pass and sit at the sweet spot. We all know that SP2 by-pass circuitry is identical to Bryston top of the line preamp. Thus there is no surprise that it better sounds good. It's easy to hear and agree that SP2 digital is among better equipment out there. I am sort of hoping that with proper setup, the digital side would sound just as good because of the direction toward the music server. May be I am asking too much.