Belles 350A vs. Bryston 4B SST

Hi. I'm searching for a new amp and have narrowed my choices to the Belles 350A and the Bryston 4B SST. This amp would be driving a pair of Aerial 8Bs. I listen to a variety of music, from rock to folk and jazz. I have a lower-end NAD preamp which eventually will be replaced, so my main concern is the quality of the amps. (Any advice on a complementary preamp would be appreciated, too). Any thoughts?
I have heard both extensively and favor the Belles. It is very dynamic with great imaging and liquidity. It is also very powerful delivering over 250w/ch into 8 ohms and much more as the impedance drops. It definitely would be a great match for the Aerial's. I thought the review in Soundstage by Doug Blackburn summed it up nicely.
Compared to the Bryston, it sounds smoother with more pristine highs. In comparison, the Bryston sounds a little rough around the edges.
Belles is also offering a newer 350a Reference amp.
I used a Bryston 4B SST with Aerial 7Bs and I ended up replacing the 4B SST with a 14B SST because the 4B SST amp kept clipping at loud volumes (the lights on the front go from green to yellow, or perhaps red..I don't recall exactly). The Aerial loudspeakers like lots of power. I never had the clipping issue with the 14B SST.

Eventually, I sold the Aerial 7Bs...and the 14B SST.