Analog or Digital?

Which connection is better to get better sound from BD Player and other components at all? (CD, Computer, MD...)
With digital connections I could not hear any difference in Panasonic's BD35 and Pioneer Elite 05 models. Someone told me that I should connect them with analog connectors to get the best clarity and feel the difference. Is it true?
Using the digital output from your player bypasses the player's DACs, it's not surprising that the two units sounded the same.

Instead, try using the analog output and see if you can hear any difference. If not, buy the less expensive unit...

It depends on the quality of your amplifier. It may be that the amplifier does the digital to analogue conversion or digital decoding better than the BD player, in which case you should connect by digital cable to the amp. In most cases though, the BD player will do a better job of the digital decoding in which case analogue connection would be the way to go.
Here's a thought, try it give and us you impression.
Thanks for helpful answers.
Which one has a better DAC? Pioneer Elite BD-05 or Pioneer Elite Receiver VSX-92TXH?