Analog One MkII vs MKIII?

acoustic-signature shows a pic of an apparent MKIII(Mambo Platter) but description is of MKII(Final Tool Platter)?

I do not see any for sale listings for the MKIII. Only MKII. Maybe the Mambo platter for MKII is an extra$ option, I overlooked.

The German version shows same inconsistency. They do not describe the MKIII Platter same as Mambo, rather similar to MKII and Final tool.

I sent them an email on a different question(using in Japan and where to buy?) but no answer, so figure the forums may be faster.

Perhaps I would be better off with bit more expensive Galibier or Teres where support is more accessible(English and frequent particpants on forums as well as anwering phones and email).

But still a curiosity MKII vs MKIII?
I'm surprised. I found very good support of question answering through e-mails. Gunther has been very responsive. Are you using the following info:

He is the main guy. If he's on vacation, I can see some delays. But as I said, he is typically very responsive. You might want to give them another chance.
Same here, I traded several emails with him last year and he was always extremely prompt in replying.
Sorry did not mean to imply the response time was slow, I sent on the 23rd so less than a week, and I usually mention no hurry in the email, as my inquiry was simply that and attending to customers as well as important personal matters should take precedence. With audio shows, production and family do not expect a fast answer from these specialty outfits.

I posted here to help alleviate burden on "Gunther" and team. As I indicated forums can be faster since many generous participants sharing knowledge. Also, felt my question on MKII vs MKIII might be of interest to others, vs my other direct email which would be of less interest to general analog enthusiasts.

Appreciate the input.

Yes I used:
I spoke with Larry at The High End Palace on this question last week. The Analog One MkII is not available and has been replaced by the MkIII. It can be had with the standard platter or for additional cost the upgraded platter with the anti resonance inserts. Yesterday I sent e-mails to Gunther and received responses within minutes. I was mightly impressed, not only with his great service but with some of the features of the table I was previously unaware of.
Appreciate the input. Glad you could alleviate the email burden on Gunther. I would prefer the craftsman to work on TT's designs etc,,, than routine correspondence. Thus the advantage of this fine forum. While I am not concerned about a few days for a response, given that my inquiry went unanswered despite several days in advance of yours seems a bit out of order unless you are a customer with an issue?

Now we all get tons of email alot of junk so an accidental deletion or just gets pushed down in the hopper is not uncommon. So no worries. But you are welcome to ask him if he overlooked any inquires from gaijin from Tokyo.

I welcome your elaboration on these new features you were previously unaware? Except for their web-page and some favorable posts on the forums I have limited awareness of this product.

I resent my email and received a very quick reply. Gunther confirmed MKIII can upgrade to silencer platter many do, but not std.

So what are the differences between the II & the III? Please post.