Amps for Totem Model 1

I would be grateful for recommendations of amps to use with these speakers. I am thinking of tube monoblocks, but would be glad to hear any advice. My listening room is approx. 13 x 26 ft., and I play chiefly jazz, vocal, and classical music.
What's your spending limit and how sensitive are your speakes?
Supposedly SimAudio amps are what Vince B. used when testing/building the Totem range. They have an excellent integrated (the I-5) and great seperates too (the Moon W-5) I have totem forests and have auditioned with the I-5 and was impressed. Good luck. Alos, don't underestimeate the juice needed for those model 1's...they're small but they need watts!!
I'm currently using a Bryston 3B-ST with my Model One Signatures with great success. The speakers sound dynamic, musical and authoritative with no hint of strain. Since the Model One's are a 4 ohm load, I would not recommend using the Moon I-5, they just do not deliver enough wattage. However, I did audition the Model One's with a Moon W-3 and W-5 amplifier and the results were just stunning!!
I have been using a Densen Beat B-100 integrated amp with my Totem Model 1's for 3 years now. The Densen runs about $1200 but can be had for less. This is a second system for me; in fact I am using it with my Sony WEGA TV and DVD player. This combo is sweet to my ears and images well. The Densen is rated at 60W into 8 ohms and 120W into 4, which is the nominal impedance of the Totem - plenty of power. Check it out if you can.
Try Plinius 8150i, had great sucess with it