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Suggestions on replacement AV processor...
Get a good A/V preamp and a separate audio preamp. I have the Lexicon MC-1 and love it but it really needs a good preamp after it to make 2-channel shine. Check out a used BAT VK-5i or the like. These two in combination are very nice. 
Which Linn pre-amp
I wouldn't put an LK1 into a decent Linn system. I had one for a few years and wasn't terribly impressed with it compared to many other preamps I reviewed later on. The LK85s are much better amps than the LK1 is a preamp.I ended up getting a used ... 
Interconnects for CAL-10
You might check out AQ's new line. I've got the Python and really like it. Very nice balance and lots of extension. Extremely clear. 
wood tonic hurts ?
I've been using Lemon Oil for many years on all of my wood (including speakers) and have had no problems (no darkening or other changes in the wood). I would recommend Lemon Oil on your wood furniture and appliances. It also smells very nice. 
Interconnects between DAC and Pre
The new line from AudioQuest is truly outstanding -- you can tell they've done their homework. Check out the Python at $500 (retail) or, if you want a step up, the Anaconda. I just got a pair for my pre-to-amp and the sound is simply amazing. Like... 
Best Amp for LS3/5A 15ohm?
I'd check out the Plinius line -- high praise from everyone. Smooth sound, no grain whatsoever, plenty of power, built like a tank. I own the SA-100 and I don't think I've ever clipped it into my Dynaudio 4 Ohm speakers. A highly recommended compo... 
Whats a good tube preamp?
The Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) lineup is great. I got a BAT-VK5i here a while back for a little over 2 grand. It has a really nice sound and doesn't compromise in any area that I can find (or hear). 
favorite amp/pre-amp combos?
BAT VK preamp and Plinius SA-100. They seem to complement each other to give a sound that is smooth and detailed but still has "punch", bass and crystal, clear highs. Imaging is almost holographic. Highly recommended. 
Please help: Speaker wire ?
The preamp in your receiver is most likely culprit. Try a separate preamp. 
Auric Illuminator, Optrix, others
PRAT = Pace, Rhythm and Timing 
introducing tube$ into my system
I just bought a used BAT VK-5i preamp and it totally changed the sound of my system for the better. Music now sounds like MUSIC, not CD's. It's amazing. I would most heartily suggest you try a good tube preamp. I got the BAT on Audiogon for about ... 
Coax or Toslink, Which is better?
Coax is superior, if only because you don't have to convert an electrical signal to light and back. Many claim superior sound but I've never used Toslink so I cannot comment. Also, try to audition a nice high-end digital cable. I have the Illumina... 
Opinions on what my next step should be
I would probably look into a nice sub if you don't have one, probably REL Storm or Strata. You can't lose with a sub-bass like the REL. Next choice would be either a PS Audio 300 to try out or stuff for the room. One can never be sure how the room... 
My pre-amp inverts phase--what's up?!?
If it inverts *absolute* polarity then switch *both* speaker connections (both blacks on red, etc). 
What is the best digital interconnect
I have the Illuminations (Illuminati?) D60 and am *very* happy with it. It's a good buy. Shawn Harvey