Amplifiers To Use With Lumenwhite Speakers

Already using a Klyne Linesstage
and a Zanden Phono
Would like a nice combination regarding the
I have tried the Goldmund 18.4
Thinking of ASR- Possibly Lamm
Would like to stay with a Solid State AMP

Using a White Flame, I've had good results with Tom Colangelo/Paul Jayson's designs - originally the Cello Performance, and later the Viola Bravo. But keep in mind that these amps have enough power to fry the drivers if one is not careful. On one occasion we had DC from a source component, and turning on the power amps blew out one of the bass drivers and fractured the diaphragm as though it was made from eggshell rather than ceramic ;-).

regards and hth, jonathan carr
After some time with a couple of Cello Encore 150 I understood they are the best "home" amplifier design by this people. Tom (RIP) and Paul, now Viola Audio Labs, keep the essential sound but less analytic and sweeter.