Amplifiers From Scratch?

Can you make amplifiers from items you can go out and buy other than kits?? and if so, how would you go about doing this?? Jason
Read Glass Audio magizine, they sometimes have plans and list parts distributors. Of course, these are vacuum tube amps.
Glass Audio for tube stuff or Audio Amatuer for SS stuff. You can get Parts Express or Welborne Labs catalogues to order your components from. You might also check Hamfests for used parts.
Check out for solidstate single-ended Class-A designs by Nelson Pass. I have build his balanced Zen preamp and am currently building 2 Zen power amps for bi-amping. Does anyone know where I can get custom enclosures for Class-A power amps. I currently have 5"x10.5" heatsinks and want to build enclosures with them. I now want want to construct a couple of power amp enclosures by attaching a face plate, back, top, and bottom to a couple of approx. 5" x 10.5" heatsinks. OR I may want to have my power supply in a separate (standard) enclosure. If this is the case, I will probably use the two sinks (per amp) as the top not the sides. I purchased my preamp enclosure from Spire Audio, but it seems that they are no longer in business. Any suggestions?