Cat Scratch Fever?

Looks like another non-believer in what's going on got served.

Mid 70's was maybe the crossroad of R&R. A combination of great music/musicians and it changing with the times. Bands were incorporating more "visual"-Alice, Kiss....

Underneath Ted's persona is a real deal guitar player who along with Derek St Holmes, did a debut  album that stands the test of time. I lost interest by the time the thread title album came out.

Oh well, Ted will overcome Covid, and probably  start talkin the Ted usually does. I dig 1975  guitar Ted, but not political Ted.

We all roll the dice, I didn't and it worked out. I got my shots PERIOD.

If I wouldn't have gotten the shots and I was Ted, I would have stayed on the ranch.. How the heck did he get Covid?  Makes no sense to me.

No shots fine but take care NOT to get sick. He's no spring chicken, and certainly no wilting flower.. He made a choice.. BAD one but still his choice.

I saw Tugent WAY back. The man took his craft to heart.. He was smookin'.  Right there with ZZ at the time..

About 2 months after seeing Ted Nugent, I saw Prince for the first time. He was 16-17 I think (maybe).. He was wearing a Trench coat and  lingerie. What a change from Ted Nugent.. But the skill set that KID had was right there with Ted.. Everyone that went to same concert said the same thing.. WOW...

Geez we use to go see the Tubes every year too.. Go figure.. :-)

I wish him well.. LOL he may be WAY right of right.. BUT he sure can play his guitar.

It Covid happened during Ted's time, 
Ted with his Gibson Brydland along with  cranked Fender Twins would have sent it back China.
CDC data show total deaths right in line with historic averages. Only a LOT less cause of death cardiac, almost exactly matching the increase in cause of death covid.

Social Security data show no change in payments. Social Security payments end on death regardless of the cause of death. Any increase in deaths and it will show up in Social Security payments data.

There is no increase in mortality. There are no excess deaths. The plandemic is in fact a hoax.

This does not mean there is no virus, that it does not sicken and even kill some people. So does the regular old seasonal flu. Which all the statistics tell us this is no worse than.

Ted Nugent whatever his faults is a man in favor of liberty and individual rights and responsibilities. Anyone happy to see him stricken for any reason ought to be ashamed.

Tablejockey, enough with the shameless virtue signaling already. I dig turntable tablejockey, but not political tablejockey. You stay away from politics, I won’t have to rub your face in your blatant Marxism. Deal?
Money, and position often convinces people that they are smarter than they really are. Case in point. Good at guitar, not so good at critical thinking. That never happens with audiophiles of course.
CDC data show total deaths right in line with historic averages.
Completely false. CDC data is here.
It's one thing to question the data. It's another to misrepresent what data reveal.
You can believe what you want to believe.  You, in this case, are certainly not correct in your choice of "facts".   

I should have known better. It's just a geeky audio forum. Why anyone  chooses to look that deep into any of my dopey writing is beyond me.

"Geez we use to go see the Tubes every year too.. Go figure.. :-)"

White punks on dope, What do you want from life? Don't touch me there....
The Tubes had their moment.

"Turn me on" was used as the intro in a 70's low tech form of entertainment. Anyone in SoCal see Laserium at the Griffith Observatory? 

Loud,cranked up JBL's  I think?
Give it a rest.  
For what purpose Q?  
So you can stick your foot down your throat?

Ted was best in the 60's with the Dukes at the Cellar.
I like Ted Nugent, I like Allice Cooper, pretty close to two peas in a pod yet like, like, like.. I’m more like Alice Copper, lets just say.. :-)

I’m not on the "HUNT" so to speak.. Ted is just a little more rural than most.. Animals I’m a big chicken.. I hate seeing animals being killed, BUT I’m a hypocrite I’m carnivorous at times, omnivore is more like it..

An Elephant or Whale though.. Just kills me.. Momma Grizzly, not so much.. Cubs to for that matter.. AWAY from me... Serious animal there moose too.. BIG goofy BULLWINKLE. seen one on the deck of a tug.. Funniest thing I ever saw.. Behind a 5 gallon bucket of blackberries.

Face was all black from the berries..

Stupid moose doing black face, must have been a racist.. :-0, Did I say that? Racist Moose on the Loose.. National guard time.. I’m Irish I can say anything I want.. Talk about getting crapped on...
Woh there oldhvymec, you have stepped way over a line!  Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper are nothing alike. Ted Nugent is a twit. Uninformed, unintelligent twit. Alice Cooper is nothing like that. There is an obvious brain in his head that he actually uses. While Nugent was claiming that the virus was a hoax, this is what Alice Cooper said in August last year.

“Starve this thing to death, if you wear your mask if you wash your hands-the reason we are going down right now because every time I go to Safeway everybody’s wearing a mask and everybody is doing what their supposed to do," Cooper proclaimed. "So if you starve this thing, it’ll go away. That’s the only way to kill it.”

" I was referring to MC!!!"

rpeluso- not for a moment did I think your comments were directed to anyone else.

I do find it amusing AND a reminder that posting anything online can get responses from many perspectives. Sometimes, with some almost weird sense of "ownership". Mondo Bizarro.  In the grand scheme of things, we just have to laugh and go back to listening to our expensive  boxes that attempt to create the  illusion.

I like to keep Ted in my memories as the 70's Ted Nugent- killer R&R guitar player, who I've seen front row, getting blasted by 8 or so Fender Twins! I still have some Ektachrome slides I took with my Canon AE-1(first high tech 35MM camera) Rolling Stone/Creem/Circus worthy.

What’s a hoax? Mr. Nugent isn’t sick?

As far as YOUR opinion on Ted Nugent, that’s your opinion.. NOT mine..

Alice Cooper is conservative. ONE more so than the other.. YUP Teddy is a little right of right.. No less a productive member of society..

I never met a person I didn’t like.. Some of the CRAP they pull let’s just call that the "getting to know you" stage. Seems the lefties have a bit of a bitter spirit also.... To far either way.. NO THANKS..

The problem is there is no serving a warrant on Ted Nugent.. I got a pretty good idea how that would turn out.. Ruby Ridge all over..

You catch him at a concert and do the deed..

I NEVER understood no knock warrants.. Everyone involved in ANY of that PRISON... No stopping for go either.. Judges in all everyone that ask for one and anyone that issues one.. STRAIGHT TO JAIL...
NO STOP QUANTONAMO, Never to set foot on American soil again. Bury them at sea.. Murdering people in their beds.. COWARDS.. EVERY ONE...

I don’t have much used for people working Vice either. They are not COPS they are however ALL PERVERTS, THIEVES, DRUNKS, DRUG ADDICKS, MURDERS. The females that participate are even worse.. COWARDS.. Laws.. vice laws...
No body’s business.. It should ALL be regulated.. PERIOD...
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"So does the regular old seasonal flu. Which all the statistics tell us this is no worse than."

Why do you embarass yourself with statements that are sadly laughable to anyone with the tinniest bit of observational skills?

One thing is to try to be a joker, the other is to make a fool of yourself.

If this is such a geeky audio site why are you here.  Most of us on Audiogon have many other interests and are highly sociable individules. I'm in my mid 50's and play street(pickup) basketball with guys in there 20's far from being a geek. Your an audiophile? and you perpetuate that outdated myth! 
Never liked his music and found his public personality odious, but I don't wish ill health upon him.  Hopefully, he now will use his celebrity and considerable energies to counsel people how to correctly combat this disease.
Thank you "cleeds" for your info link...

A lot of misinformation going round (even for an audiophile chat room;-)

I burned my bridges @ audioasylum due to the political leanings of (Rod) the owner and the fact that one of his moderators thought that a positive post about a date rape drug was OK/hilarious.

I also see that MC has not come back to "defend" his FACTUALLY WRONG post.

Ooo, a non-believer.  All worship at the rona alter.  And what’s the word for those who wish ill will on others?  I think the word of the day is mean spirited.
"If this is such a geeky audio site why are you here."

If you have to ask....oh never mind. By your late 40's I would hope someone's  "get it" quotient has increased. 

I guess it's a skill to interpret forum posts sometimes? I don't consider it one, but in this case......?

Using the lack of decline in SS payments as a reason to doubt Covid mortality figures is specious reasoning. There are multiple factors in play determining SS payments. According to the Social Security Administration's published monthly statistics, it looks like SS recipients in the broad "retired" category has increased about 1% between March 2020 and March 2021. (seemingly a more reliable metric to judge participation in SS than total $ payout.) The census bureau's birth statistics shows boomer population numbers increasing steadily from 1951 through 1963 before birth numbers start declining. If birth rates among those dying from Covid and those eligible to participate in SS (and the years they start SS payments) were equal year to year, such suspicions would have validity. However, when you factor in a rapidly increasing population of SS eligible citizens and an increase in people taking early SS/retirement because of Covid, it's not surprising that we haven't seen a decline in SS participation and payouts.

I guess that’s just what all heretics deserve.  OP, is your name Karen by any chance?
Ted Nugent whatever his faults is a man in favor of liberty and individual rights and responsibilities. Anyone happy to see him stricken for any reason ought to be ashamed. 

I speak from personal experience ... COVID is no hoax. I contracted it, together with related double pneumonia, and almost bought the farm. If not for Remdesivir and Dexamethasone given to me during a one week stay in the hospital, I would be jamming with Jimi right now. Trust me, COVID is real and potentially deadly. Anyone who questions this should have their head examined. So, as much as I dig Uncle Ted, he needs to have a come to Jesus moment on this one.
Millercarbon, I knew I liked you before. Even more so now. My prayers go out to Sweaty Teddy.
I got the shot’s. Wore a mask and got the COVID Twice!

Go figure. 
Do what you want to do. We are all dying a little bit every day. 
dletch2....Money, and position often convinces people that they are smarter than they really are.....

Ha! I thought you were talking about MC there for a second. Getting my second shot Thursday and I'm a happy and proud American. Usually.
We are all in this together and blessings to all survivors!

True to the spirit of Forums, it is actually acceptable to question EVERYTHING.

Assumptive name calling is detrimental to conversation and simply out of spirit with why we are here in the first place, not to mention a poor way to introduce a topic!

I believe it was Reagan who said that. "The problem with liberals is that they know so much that isn’t true".
I'd rather talk about audio and music. But I can talk politics too.. Is that what you guys really want?
120 million are born every year, 60 million die every year. That in the ball park..

The only reason more people didn’t die was because BILLIONS of people were aware and tried NOT to get sick. In spite of the millions that were aware and didn’t give a crap.. There is a difference.. In spite of the millions, BILLIONS are just fine.. AND now have some type of immunity.

Common sense did prevailed.. Left, Right and Center..

I been all over this world.. GET YOUR SHOTS... Especially if you travel just do it... Get quarantined in Yemen or some crazy thing behind a diverted flight, due to dust storms... BETTER have a score card with shots on it. They shoot you there for being STUPID, or hardheaded. They don’t care. Cost too much to take care of STUPID.. Their hospitals are taking care of lepers and people that have stepped on land mines, not stepped in TROUBLE (on purpose) for Gods sakes..


"I got the shot’s. Wore a mask and got the COVID Twice!"

Got infected before or after the vaccine? Or before and after?

Assuming it was all confirmed, do you know if it was reported to your health department and vaccine manufacturer? In fact, this could pass as a case report in any journal. Your story may hold some clues that many people around the world are searching for.
"MC is misrepresenting the data."
Data? What data? He did not present, or misrepresent, any data. Just some fluffy words.
Yup! A hoax! Believe what you will but MC is right on the money....just have to do research as he has done.
" Believe what you will but MC is right on the money....just have to do research as he has done."

Thanks, I’d rather skip the kind of research he has done and believe his words that it was bad...

10-17-2020 2:48pm

Its not dead, but I almost was. Nine days in hospital, multi-focal pneumonia bad enough they nearly had me on a vent. Kind of lost interest in the blather. Not the news, like your sub experience. But the blather. Which unfortunately the only thing seems capable of getting the blatherers to move along please is to leave them to their own devices. Sad. But true.
10-17-2020 9:34pm

I was at one point on 10 liters 02, which is a lot of oxygen, and even at that out of breath and feeling like I was about 10 feet underwater. That’s just lying there. Just to roll over, adjust blankets, was an effort it took a while to recover from. How close I was to being on a vent, I don’t want to know. Too close for comfort.


So MC had it too? That hoax can be very painful. Ted talked about crawling out of bed in pain, feeling like he was going to die. They believe Qanon is real but COVID-19 is a hoax. Go figure. Weird.

When was the last time "the regular flu" crippled a nations health care system? When was the last time "the regular flu" had first world countries setting up field hospitals in cities? When was the last time "the regular flu" forced morgues to order the use of cold storage trailers to handle the overflow of bodies? 

You meant, the far Left nonsense permeates everything these days.

Happy Listening!
Save for old people who tragically have no choice, COVID mainly infects the unintelligent.
If it catches on hot again, I am expecting a big jump in cognitive behaviour.  Who knows, it could be a good thing.
Chuck hit the nail on the head!

A John Hopkins University researcher posted those statistics on Twitter.
Twitter removed the post, then John Hopkins removed it from their web sight.

Trust the science they said (unless it contradicts the narrative).

It's funny, I don't remember anyone being concerned when the Motor City Mad Man caught the Flu in the past.