amplifier versus hearing aid

I have a hearing aid in my left ear.I am using a solid state amp.when i increase the volume of the amplifier, there is interference on my hearing aid.
This only happens with certain tracks on a cd recording.
Any sound advice please?
Can you adjust the gain in your hearing aid or switch the aid to a different processing program? My wife's Oticon hearing aids allow adjustments for changing sound environments. If your aid doesn't allow for changes like those and it continues you be a problem, your audiologist could probably recommend an aid more suitable for you.
I have worn aids for fifty years. The best bet is to work with a knowledgeable audiologist, one who will have the patience to properly adjust the frequency curves of each of the processing programs that your aids can handle. Two aids are better then one, so always use a pair, each individually adjusted to your hearing response curve of each year. Always a must in any aid you buy is to have a 'wheeled' volume control. One of the programs should be programed to a 'music' curve. I could go on and on about the subject with what I have learned in these past fifty years, but in the end having an audiologist that works with you is the key to 'better sound'. Always ask the audiologist how many professional musicians he is working with, they are the most demanding customer. Also, when was the last time you had a doctor remove your wax build up.
thank you Buconero and photon 46 for your advice. Greatly appreciated.