Amplifier Selection

Help! I am looking to replace my Levinson 336 amplifier with either the Accuphase P-1000 or Linn Klimax Solo 500 mono amps. Anyone have an opinion on which amplifier to go with? Any help is greatly appreciated. My current system includes:

Linn CD-12
Levinson 32 Pre-amp
Levinson 336 amp
JMLab Utopia Mezzos
Shunyata Research Hydra
Nordost Valhalla Cables/Interconnects

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With a system of this caliber, I would recommend the best
amp that I have ever heard. KR Enterprise (a.k.a. KR
Audio Electronics) with their "Vaccuum Transducer" design,
makes music so effortless that no other amplifer -no matter
what the price or the brand of type has been able to match. You really owe it to yourself to at least audition one of
their models before to make a decision. I, for one, am
indefinitely spoiled.

If you want reviews, there is one in the December 1999
Stereophile on the VT8000 monoblocks, and there is another
in Planet Hi-Fi. Most of the other reviews are not in

If you're most concerned about resale value, then KR is
probably not your best choice. However, if you want the
closest to the real thing (I know I do), then I don't know
of an amplifier that can get you as close.

Happy listening!

You should look into YBA amplifiers they are suppose to mate up very well with JMLab speakers.
I wish I had heard either one of your prospective amps so that I could give you a good answer. I have heard the JM Utopia on many amps, and tubes were always on my favored list.

If I had to guess, I would think the Accuphase would be more tube like of the two, but this is just an assumption based on hearing other models of Accuphase amps, preamps and CD players.

As expensive as your system is I would shoot for what made you happy long term. Difficult to do without trying either or both of these in your home.
I had another shop owner tell me that he thought that the KR amp was the finest that he had ever heard. Obviously, this has a LOT to do with system synergy.

While i was talking to him, he also added that KR were incredibly hard to deal with, had their heads up their ..... when it came to doing business and were arrogant SOB's. Seeing as how this guy is EXTREMELY down to earth ( i have dealt with him on many occasions ), i would have to assume that they really were like this in order to get him to say such things. As such, anyone thinking about spending that kind of money might want to talk to them directly to see if they are the kind of people that you want to do business with. Sean
Audition the Lamm 1.1 before you commit
read the reviews and call Vladimir
this guy got it right with this amp