Amplification for speakers from the 60's

I offered to help someone I know work on his home theatre system before I knew that his speakers are Empire Scientific Grenadier Series 8500 speakers from the mid-60's. I am way out of my league here. These speakers are probably 10 years old than I am. I can't seem to find any info online. I don't expect anyone to know these exact speakers, but can someone tell me what an average amp was like then?

BTW, I'd love to tell him to pick himself up something a little more current, but that's clearly not what he wants. I have home theatre set up I'd be willing to sell him cheap. :) Oh well.
You should consider a tube power amp, like one of the Dynas, in the 35 to 70wpc range for these. A modern integrated like the NAD or Creek might work but I am guessing here. The bass is ample but there's no cure for the hard and beaming HF.
If I remember correctly, these speakers look like end tables and may even have marble tops? They use a 12 or 15" downward firing woofer. The tweeters are only about 16" from the floor and provide great sound for people whose ears grow out of their kneecaps. I haven't met any. As far as the average amp of the day, it ran from low power tube amps to the Phuzz Linear 700B at 350 watts per channel. Pretty much the same as today's amps. Nothing special required.