Amp Recommendation for Quest Z Speakers

I have a pair of Quest Z speakers that I'm looking to match with a solid state amp. On the list so far is a Plinius 8200P MKII, McCormack DNA-1 (with some upgrades), BAT VK-200, Odyssey Stratos, and a few others in the sub $2000 second hand price range. I would appreciate any feedback from those of you who have used any of these amps with the Quest or others not on my list that you could recommend. Thanks.

Preamp: AES/Cary DJH SuperPreamp
Interconnect: DH Labs Silver Sonic
Speaker Cable: Analysis Plus Oval 12
Jeff Rowland model 1 has enough power but a model 5 would really be better. Rowlands sound excellent with Martin Logan speakers.
I use a BAT VK500 with my Quest Z's, love the match!
I can´t comment on the Quest Z but my DNA-1 dlx did a great job driving the reQuests. Good Luck.