Amp/pre amp for Nautilus 801

I have had my heart set on a Krell 600/700c because I know that I need a powerful amp for the N801; but, after following some of the discussions, I am beginning to think Krell may be too "bright". I am wondering if Levinson 436 monos are a better choice.

The system will be used primarily for classical music. Large orchestral.

My room is 50 x 32 x (16.5 ceilings). System will be used exclusively for classical music.

Any help would be appreciated.
Abbey road studios uses Electrocompaniet Nemo. It was specifically designed to drive B&W 801. I think it has 600 inot 8 ohms and doubles into 4.
I bought a pair of 436's a couple of months ago and they dropped my jaw when I put them in my system. The soundstage on the 436s is W-I-D-E, W--I--D--E and the warm, open midrange is goose bump inducing - very much like some of the high end tube equipment I've heard. The highs are silky smooth without the loss of detail, as you would expect with Levinson. I'm told the newer Krell amps are a big improvement over the old in terms of harshness, but they're still on the bright side, especially for classical. On vocals and piano recordings I've played recently on the 436's, well, let's just say I saw God.
Pass Labs X-600 (600Wx2) can drive N801 very well.