amp fuse

am not familiar with electrical stuff, but it seems my int. amp blew 2 fuses, a rail fuse and a mofset fuse. Do i have to buy the exact fuse or any generic matching fuse will do. thanks
Generic is fine. Just make sure they are the same amp rating, and either fast blow or slow blow.
You will want to make sure the VOLTAGE and CURRENT values of the replacement fuse are the same as on the original fuse. Any brand fuse should do as long as it is the same physical size and has the same ratings. Some fuses are slow blow, etc. They may not be labeled as such. Assuming these are glass fuses, you should look at the center element and make sure the replacement fuse looks the same. Better yet, see if the manual or schematic tells exactly what the fuse is, or look it up on the internet if there is a model number on it, or call the manufacturer of the fuse or the audio equipment, etc.......
Once you identify type, etc. check -- it seems to have every conceivable fuse-type an audiophile could need -- and at better prices than manufactor's replacements.
Vtl, better prices?? The last fuse I blew in an amp cost me 56 cents for 4 of them a Rat Shack!
Unfortunately, Radio Schack does not carry every fuse -- it did not carry what I needed -- you are more fortunate than I.
i went to 2 radioshack and a few electrical/hardware store to no avail, i guess i'll try online.