Amp for Tyler Linbrook Sig Monitor

I'm contemplating a complete audio system makeover. My system is fairly old. B&W DM580 fronts, B&W CC6 center, Design Acoustics PS-55 rears, Def Tech PF15TL sub, all driven by Marantz SR7000 (100Wx5).

Fronts and rears are placed on the narrow front and back walls of 16x24 room. One long wall is three glass sliders, the other long wall is open to kitchen and dining room. Floors are hardwood, but 75% covered by area rugs and furniture. Ceiling is 8'. Sitting position is in center of room, looking at one of the short walls. Sub is next to sitting position (I know, it's not good to put it in the middle of the room).

Based on reasearch, I'm attracted to the Tyler Linbrook Signature Monitors. I'm thinking about picking up three of them (LCR) for the front of the room. However, I'm concerned that the Marantz will not be enough to make them sing. Looking for suggestions for a relatively modestly priced five channel power apm. Something in the $2K list price range or 1K-1.5K used. The Rotel RMB-1095 is one that seems to have good reviews.

For the immediate future, I'd use the Marantz as a pre/pro.

BTW, I just ordered a used pair of Tylo Reference Monitors and will use them to validate what I've read of Tyler Speakers. If they're what everyone says, they migh wind up as my rear surrounds.