Tyler House Sound

I recently purchased my first set of Tyler speakers. They are a custom pair of F2 2 way speakers that were made into floorstanders. I've heard good things about Tyler speakers so I was pleased when these came up on Audiogon.

Do all Tyler speakers have a "house sound". My impressions are a very transparent, clear, detailed, upfront sounding but not aggressive, large soundstage. Are similar to my old Thiel .5's without the "bite", must be the Kentucky air.

Are there certain electronics or cabling that go well with these speakers. If I could I'd like to soften them a wee bit. Do they like tubes? I'm running a NAD CDP,Signal cables and an Aragon 4004 mkII.

Thanks - Jack

Oh yeah, the cabinets are insane!
I have the Linbrook Signature Systems (1Piece). They are presently powered by a 40 wt tube amp - more than enuf IMHO. I can't fault your description of their sound, but they are very transparent and will easily reflect your choice of amps, pre-amp and sources. I've been able to fine tune mine by changing tubes in the amp and preamp a bit.
Congrats on your purchase! The Taylo Reference Monitors I owned were very enjoyable. And yes, they do like tubes. Ty has a good ear for dialing in his speakers. I think they are definitely one of the BEST values in speakers for the money..

Not to mention, Ty is a stand-up guy who stands behind his product.


Plinko here. Using the Taylo Refs with a 40 Watt tube Primaluna Prologue II while listening mostly to analog. I'd say 60% rock, 20% jazz, and 20% classical.

Soundstaging is very very good. No, it's better than very good.

Very solid, versatile speaker in my opinion. Well worth it. Congrats!
You'll like the Tylers; fast, clean, revealing, musical. Ty may appear a country boy but he has a great ear, and is smart about speaker voicing.

The F-2's will like the Aragon. With solid state amps, I like copper wires for all Tyler speakers I've heard. Discovery cables are first-class, and affordable.

If you had a good DAC, i.e., the Ack!, you could elevate substantially further still.
Yes, in my opinion, they will have a "house sound" because of the similar drivers used.
The Seas drivers are a rather "dry" sounding devices, and will greatly benefit from tubes or at least a hybrid Tube/Mosfet type amp.
These Seas drivers are very high quality drivers, and in all fairness to Tyler Acoustics, any speaker using these drivers will sound its best with Tubes.
They are very revealing.
I'm not sure I would call the drivers "dry" sounding. Crystaline, maybe. Ty uses other high quality parts in addition to the drivers. As with any speaker worth its salt - Tylers will clearly reveal the signal that is being sent to them. If your upstream components have - shall i say - issues, you will surely hear, every issue, with the Tyler Linbrooks. (same speakers as Newbee) But In my mind, that is what a speaker is supposed to do - reveal the music being sent to them.
I have a mix of SS and tubes, which I think is a pretty interesting mix: cdp - TRL SA-14, preamp - First Sound Presence Deluxe MkII, amp - Krell FPB400cx, to the Tylers.
The TRL is always compared, by others, as good analogue. FS is tubes with attitude. :-) The krell is FAST, clean, and revealing, with the power to handle ANY driver - easily.

I sit in front of my Linbrooks , amazed, at the sound that comes from them. I just love 'em.
Yes, there is indeed a Tyler house sound, IMO. I love my Linbrook Signature System speakers, and the basic sound does not differ greatly from the Taylo Reference Monitors I kept when I upgraded...

I personally have preferred solid-state with the Tylers (although some tubes can sound quite good as well), but definitely not all solid state (I did not have good results with Aragon, for example).

The best SS I have heard for the Tylers was a pairing with CODA... That can be quite pricey for just the Reference Monitors... A good compromise (that also sounded wonderful) would be to seek out a used Legacy Audio High Current power amp. These amps are biased for Legacy speakers, but they sound great with Tylers anyway, have *plenty* of power, and they were *also* made by CODA. They can be had used in the $600-$750 range (much more pallatable used pricing, IMO).