Amp for Traingle Zerius 202's?

Any suggestions for an amp to use in conjunction with Triangle Titus 202 speakers? I was using a Jolida 302B, but found the bass bloom unbearable. Currently, I'm using a Creek 4330SE which has solved the bottom end problem. However, I'm missing the tube sound.
Decware SE84C. Not that much power, but terrific sound for about $500. Also, this does not sound tubey in the traditional sense, but super fast and more transparent than any ss amp. Very spare from the ergonomic standpoint..just one input and a volume control.
Give it a try..they sometimes come up used.
What about a Unison Unico, which is a Hybrid tube/SS? I have not heard the Triangle/Unico combo but read that they get paired together quite a bit and sound great.

Disclaimer - I do have a Unico for sale on A'gon.

However, this has no bearing on my above comment. Read through the threads. I believe they were actually paired together at one of the CES shows.

I have the Triangle Celius 202s and just purchased a pair of Wright Sound Company Mono 8s (300B SET). The sound is wonderful. The 300B is known for bass articulation which I previously found somewhat lacking from the Celius's. Since the tweeter and midrange are so clear in the Triangles, it doesn't suffer there. George Wright is a good guy and his prices are very good.