Amp for Shahinian Diapason

Shahinian speakers, especially the large Diapasons, sound good with Bedini or Dynavector - that much I know. What else works fine? Did anybody compare Bedini to other amps, and found the other(s) better?
Hi Mr. H
I'm currently trying the Plinius SA-100 MK3 with my Shahinian Diapasons. I'll let you know when I formulate an opinion. When do you think the rest of the world will figure out how good these speakers are?
mac 352/402/602 will all work well with the shahinians
do you speak from experience? If so, what did you compare the Macs to?
my 602 currently drives shahinian obelisks as well as gradient revolutions. i can't really compare the mac with any other ss amp, but i can tell you its smooth tubelike midrange and very musical bass are the most natural i have ever heard. it does compare however to the more powerful arc models. it never uses more than 20 to 25 of its 600 watts to drive the shahinians it runs cool and its build quality is unreal. i've used it with both tube and ss pre's and in all cases it was a fine match...onr last thing, my interconnects and speaker wire are nothing more than radio shack variety.
Had to take the Plinius back to the dealer. He was kind enough to let me listen to it for five days knowing I wasn't likely to purchase it. It is certainly a great amplifier to use with the big Shahinians. A term that I don't usually use when describing equipment krept into my mind as I listened--musical. The bass was rich and full. The vocals were robust- not recessed-- at the forefront of the presentation like a live performance. Horns were pronounced and very lifelike. Power seemed limitless. I played several recordings at ear splitting volumes. I can blow the fuses on my Bedini Classic 100 Monos. I was unable to make the Plinius shut down. It hurt too much to find its limits.
The Bedini seems to have more detail. Cymbals are crisper, individual voices are more discernable. Low level resolution is better. Bass is good with the Bedini, better with the Plinius. The Plinius has bigger balls than the Bedini for sure. If you like to rock or listen to music at live levels, the Plinius is your machine.
Using the Bedinis for the modules and the Rotel amp for the Double Eagles is a different story. With this combination, the bass is greatly improved and the Bedinis are less taxed with bass demands and can drive the modules to realistic levels. Still the bass of the Plinius is better. But not by a lot.
After listening to the Plinius for some time, I thought I might not like my Bedini/ Rotel combo when I went back to it. Instead I found myself happy with it.
Still I'd like to hear the Plinius SA-102 with my Diapasons or perhaps two of the SA-102's. One for the modules and the other for the subs. That would certainly be an interesting combo.
one tip from me: I have Shahinian Obelisk and Diapasons, and a McIntosh C200 preamp and MC402 amp (My question which amp to use is for a friend who just bought Diapasons as well). I used simple wire in the beginning, but, after a recommendation of fellow goner ljgj, switched to LAT International IC-200 interconnects and SS-1000 speaker wire. It was an tremendous improvement, for much less money than ordinary high-end wires. Take a look at their website - they offer a 45-day-trial. Only thing is, burn-in takes weeks