Shahinian Diapason Questions

I was able to purchase a pair of these locally (built approximately 1995) and have a few lingering questions regarding the Shahinian Diapasons. What is the ideal location for them? Is there a manual for these speakers? If so, is there a location on the web to read it (I couldn't find one.) All the speaker terminals underneath the speakers have me perplexed. I was told that I could use either of the terminals underneath and originally it sounded horrible. I tried another set of terminals and they came to life. What are all the various connections? Could someone explain them? I am using Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000 amp that are quite good with these speakers with a VTL Ultimate. The speakers hint at being bright to my ears and the VTL seems to be a good match for them. I should note that I am only using digital and this brightness could be attributed to the low cost digital that I am using. My impression could change quite a bit when my analog is out into service. It is interesting Shahinian recommends the Well Tempered turntables because I just sold my Classic before getting the speakers. Any hints on getting the most out of these speakers would be appreciated.
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Boy, you sound lost. Just call Shahinian (Long Island, NY). Once you get them on the phone, you'll have a very worthwhile coversation. The owner, Dick Shahinian, is one of the all-time greats. His son, who I do not know, now runs the show.
Have you still any questions? I have two Diapsons of the same year. I tried biwireing as well as single wireing with the short cables between the both minus and both neutral terminals, but the difference was not very great.
Yes, just call Vasken or Dick.

No, they are not bright.

Correct, there was never a manual nor online instructions

Too bad you sold your table, but now you can buy a WTL Amadeus that is better.

When you get it sorted you will love them. One of the great speakers- ever.
Call them they will hook you up!