Amp for my B&W CM1's

Hi all,

I plan on just using the B&W CM1 bookshelves as my speakers and so am looking just for a stereo amp to play my music. The three primary amps I have been considering are:

1.Pioneer Elite SX-A9
2.Outlaw RR2150
3.HK 3485

I have a preference for the Pioneer and Outlaw since they both accept USB inputs and I'll be using my iMac as my main source for music so I can just connect my iMac directly to the amps. Of the 3, I've only heard the Pioneer and B&W CM1's paired together, and it sounded really good to me. Does anyone know if the Outlaw or HK would match up well with B&W speakers? Does anyone have any suggestions for other amps? I've heard that Rotel's match up well with B&W, but I don't really know anything about them. I really liked the Pioneer, but again, it's also the most expensive on my list, so I am a little hesitant. Any sort of comments are appreciated.
Look into Arcam or Rotel.
I'm using a rotel RB1080 to drive my B&W 683's with very good results. Rotel is owned by B&W and therefore is a very good match in terms of voicing and timbre characteristics IMHO.
+1 on Rotel. I had an RB1080 with my CM4 and loved it. For the CM1 the RB1070 might be enough. Suggest you buy used.
I have not heard the Arcam combo, so can't speak to them but they are well regarded.

Check the B&W forum in

I just got a pair of CM1s. I tried them with my McCormack DNA-1, Adcom 545 and even straight from my Denon 3805 receiver. They all sounded good.
The speakers are easy on amps due to the impedance, however they are inefficient. A CLEAN sounding amp with around 100 watts should be fine.