Amp for Mirage OM-10's

I have Mirage OM-10's for the front speakers of my HT setup. I have been considering adding an amp for them... problem is, even though I have been reading tons, and upgrading components as I go, I am still not sure what is the best direction to look and what would be a good start. ANyone have suggestions for an amp? I mainly use my system for movies, but I do use the same system for music some.

I currently use an Onkyo TS-DX797 A/V receiver.

I personally think B&K equipment matches well with Mirage Speakers. And you pick an older 202 for under $1000.00. B&K does a good job on DTS and DD movies, and has a seperate zone for Music.
I talked to someone at Mirage to see if they had a recommendation.... all they said was just to not go with an amp that puts out over 200 watts per channel.

Are there any other amp choices besides B & K? I am wanting to check out all options first. ALso, does anyone have a recommendation of good places to start looking (besides audiogon, as I look here everyday).