American Made Hybrid Integrated Amp

Are there any American Hybrid Integrated amps designed and manufactured in America that compete with Unison Research Unico?
In the $1500 or so category. I'm trying to drive Von Schweikert VR2's.
I've heard and read good things about Musical Fidelity.
I believe Jolida is a rebadge from China.
Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.
hybrid yes...conrad johnson..its great too.
Is Belles american? If so, there's the Belles 250i (125 watts per channel at 8 ohms).
go to audiocircle and look at the ava forum, hybrids made in indiana i think. also supposed to be very nice sounding
Another uniquivical vote for Belles. It is hand wired by Mr. Belles personally, as well as hand assembled. I am a recent buyer of his amp preamp combinations, and own Von Schweikert VR-4's and the match is extremely good. It is still breaking in, but the clarity of the Von Schweikerts, I lived with the Vr-2's for a while, and the Belles' lack of personality, will make for an extremely musical, yet neutral sound for you. Heartily recommended for both your speakers and the Integrated from Belles.
Even though in the Audio business for 25 years now, I recently met and came to respect the lengths he goes to in his design work, and assembly. It is a labor of love for him. He gets little overall recognition, because he does not spend much on advertising, but if you read his reviews, they are consistantly good: Neutral, and excellent value, just like your speakers.
Good listening,
Try Joule Electra Vamp. It is a hybrid design that went out of production a few years ago. A used one, if you can find one, just might be around what you want to spend. I know they were over 3grand new.
Make it 3 votes for Dave Belles and his great products!! You can sometimes find a used 250I integrated used for $1500 to $2000. I think it's a great value at it's list price of $3000. It uses only 1 tube and has a remote for volume and mute. I don't think you will find a better integrated near the price.
Disclaimer: I am a Power Modules dealer.

Pretty tough to go wrong with the 250i for an American made/designed hybrid integrated. One of the best regardless of price.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio