American/European Made Products?

Hello, I am looking for any A/V Receivers/DVD/CD Players/Speakers/Accessories that are built/assembled in USA or Europe. I would like to steer away from any products that are made/built/assembled in and/or from China, like Emotiva and Parasound. Have anybody tried out AME products? ARCAM is another product that I am considering - I would consider products from Japan like Pioneer Elite and Denon. I got the list from the thread about American Made Subs and is looking into their products. Thanks in advance for your help.


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You better check on the Arcam. Some Arcam equipment is made in China.

Marantz AVRs are made in China so I would bet that sister Denon is made there as well.
While you may find products that are assembled in US/Europe, all will contain some of their parts from China. Since electronic makers are not required to provide 'content' information, you will find it very difficult to get a 100% pure product, anywhere. I own a few Cayin units and have been very happy with them. They sound great, are outstanding values, and have resale value. Cayin does not do the design work, they copy a lot of classic designs.
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Hi Wader,

It's great that you are looking for US made gear.

One sub company you may want to check out is Velodyne. They build (and service) many of their products in Morgan Hill, CA.

Thanks for the response so far, I understand the upper end of Denon AVR 3808 4308 5808 and 5000 series are actually built in Japan - the lower end of Denon are built in China - for ARCAM - the FMJ line are built in UK and the DIVA line are built in Malysia (sorry for the spelling) - Thanks again!
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