Amazon turntables.

My dealer in response to my request for a complete analog upgrade (currently I own a Music Hall MMF5) has suggested a used Amazon TT. I was wondering what kind of rep this company has and if anyone has used their products . If so please offer up any pros or cons you may have.


He carries (or used to carry) Amazon TTs and should be able to offer you some insights.
I was seeking an opinion from someone without the ulterior motive of trying to sell me one of these babies. The 'Gon is great for objective opinions. Dealers don't count.
There is NO ulterior motive in this reply.

I had an Amazon Level 1. I loved it. I could hear things with it that I could not hear with my great cd player. I also loved it so much that I went ahead and bought Amazon Referenz.

Moerch arm is really good with it. If you have the money, you should go with the breuer arm.

All the best....BIBIBI