Amazon model 2

Hello everyone:

Looking for a turntable with primary consideration pace/rhythm/dynamics/musicality as opposed to soundstaging and imaging. Am considering Rega,Origin Live but am also curious about the Amazon Model 2 or 1. Does anyone have experience with Amazon TT's

I listened some time ago to an Amazon TT, I think, it was Model 1 or Reference. Lyra Cartridge and when I remember correctly, with an Immedia Arm.
Very silent, very clean and dynamic sounding. I was impressed when I listened to it.
I have a played with Rega P9, an Amazon Model 1, and an Amazon Reference. For me, the Amazon does everything better than the Rega. I attribute this to the build and the bearing of the Amazon. It has a large stable platform, rock-steady.

Of course, the tone arms certainly influence the sound. Im my case, the comparison was between the Rega RB100, a Schroeder Model 1, and a Triplanar.