Amazon Echo Link - Hi-fi?

Amazon rolled out a new "hi-fi" streamer, Echo Link, that allows you to stream audio from your Echo to your stereo. It's $200, so not on the cheap end for Amazon (they have a cheaper Echo Input for $35) but definitely significantly cheaper than BlueSound or other streamers out there. It looks pretty sleek.

I can't seem to find any specs on the DAC chip or any components. Anyone hear anything about this? Thoughts on how this would sound?

One can guess it’s just going to be a basic datasheet type implementation of off the shelf integrated circuits (e.g. TPA6120 for headphone, and the amp version of the product says 60W class D, probably TI, as well). Optical max sample rate says 96k and one review says analogue output is variable only. There’s a bunch of streaming ICs from them that look like lo-fi, Stereophile Class D ranked things....there's not much to refute the idea that an Auralic Aries would be 10 times better than this thing.
Tha m you for the thoughtful reply!

Yeah, think I’ll go with BlueSound for streaming.
I just picked up a Vault 2i.....  it's awesome.    Sounds great through it's analog outs with MQA and honestly it's probably better than any stand alone CD player I've owned.   I also have it connected to my NAD M51 DAC and it really sounds good with redbook and even better with 96k files.  Awesome machine.  It has two way Blutooth,  plus I can access my library with my OPPO 103 d if I want to see the album art on my TV and control it via the 103's IR remote should my tablet die.

I love it, I have been ripping discs all weekend.....   If you don't need a ripper the Node 2i does pretty much everything the Vault does