Amarra for iTunes at RMAF...

As my listening habits are split about 70% from iTunes and 30% vinyl I was pretty excited to see Stereomojo report on the new Amarra software for iTunes that can increase the sound quality of your digital music.

I was somewhat less excited to see that the price tag on this software add-on is almost $1k. Has anyone heard the Amarra software and have thoughts on if it's worth this price? Are there any similar products out there for a more reasonable price?

Happy listening!
Tfl30, is "it" the mini?

Drubin, I have heard that you can bypass Amarra on playback. I would suspect that Apple Lossless files would not equal those of no compression files.
You can turn Amarra on and off as you like, but to date it won't turn on with any compressed format files. Does no compression sound better than Apple Lossless or FLAC? Maybe, but I'm sure they will be improved by Amarra, unless you don't find Amarra an improvement.
I am ready to pull the plug on the Mini but wonder if it is as good as full version?
I do not care much for features or other limitation as long as quality is on par with full version.

The mini version is supposed to be identical in sound quality as the full version. Note that it will only support sample rates up to 24-bit/96kHz as opposed to the full hi-rez formats that the full version is capable of. But for those with dacs limited to 24/96 like myself, it's not an issue. It's also my understanding that one could pay the difference and upgrade later to the full version if they wanted to.
For anyone who is interested, here's a link to the currently available RMAF 10% discount page:
Heymikey - thanks for link and info about the differences between the two.
I am aware of sample rate limitation and few other features which are found in full version, but it is the basic sound quality that I was really concerned about. If you say that SQ of both is identical then everything is peachy and I should get Amarra Mini by the end of next week.

Thanks Again