Amarra 4 pretty nice

Seems like Amarra finally got the message and hired some people that could build stable software. I am demoing Amarra 4 and it has a very nice interface is not buggy and sounds excellent. Just throwing it out there for anyone who stopped using Amarra in the past because it was buggy as all hell. 
Great to hear you have had no issues with customary bugs and "library management" feature issues. If you look to "Computer Audiophile" website/forums, many have complained version 4 has more bugs than an ICU Isolation Room. You must have a natural resistance.

I also have A+ and it appears Damien's recent version with "library management" also has its share of issues. It is frustrating when new releases fall flat. iTunes has its on share of issues with metadata retrieval, but; after spending significant time getting rid of duplicates, finding album art work, repairing "compilations", etc. , just don't need or want to invest in that again.

My preference for both companies is to focus on SQ as the priority for next GEN releases and utilize iTunes for "library management" until R&D yields a stable product.