Alon 5 woofer wanted -and refinish advice

This is for the guy who posted this in the WTB section today. You are asking for advice and the only way to reply to you is to pay for an ad. See your own WTB ad and note that the other person has to submit an offer and pay for an ad to reply to you. So if you see this and email me, I can help.

Mitch2 if you are out there, part of this is for you also.

Happy Listening.
Hi Bigkidz, I hope things are well with you.

Hey area code 90810, whoever you are, sorry to hear about your mess with the Alons. Some people have more balls than brains. Anyway, if you look at my system you will see it is possible to go from that black finish to whatever shade stained oak you would like. The veneer on those is thick and good, so they can be refinished without damage. However, it is difficult due to the black and the grain depth. Refinishing would be easier if you stay with black. Carl uses black laquer. Join this thread and I may be able to help more, since there are a couple of things I would do differently. - Mitch2
Mitch, Bigkidz here. I am not the peson lookinig for help but there was a WTB ad placed on Agon today. I wanted to repsond but if you respond to a WTB ad you have to submitt and offer and it costs you to do that. I was hoping that the guy would see this thread and reply to it. You and I have spoken a few times about the sound anchor stands and the cross-overs you recently purchased so I just wanted the person to get the info without us having to pay to get them the info they were seeking.

Bigkidz, I was responding to the poster of the wanted ad (who listed their area code as 90810) and my reference of more brains than balls was for the goon who would take shipment of the speakers, remove the tweeters, ruin a woofer then send them back allegedly because of a cabinet flaw, as discussed in the wanted ad. Unfortunately, 90810 has not seen our posts here, since I am sure we could probably help him or her. Best, Mitch2
Thanks Mitch, just wanted to make sure.