There have been a few threads on specific issues. As audiophile who travels a lot and at times uses the IPOD for background music for parties thanks to its playlists etc, I am just creating this thread for any IPOD related discussion: we can be free flowing in our discussion.

I will start: I saw in 6moons and someone's comment in another thread that using the dock instead of the headphone jack of the IPOD to connect to your main system provides better sound quality. Really? How much? Why? How do you connect via the dock? Doesn't it just have USB/Firewire connections?
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My mobile system is an iPod Nano, Headroom Micro, and Ultimate Ears UE10 Pros. It's addictive.
I have a 3G iPod and there is a line out on the dock. I also have the the Altec Lansing inMotion speaker set and there is a line out connection on the back of that as well. I imagine the better sound might have something to do with the signal being line level, versus powered for the headphone jack.

Given how common 'pods are becoming in set ups - if only for convenience - good thread idea. But probably in a different forum.
There is no doubt that if you want to connect your iPod to your main system then you should buy the Onkyo dock. I have this connected via RCA to din to my Nait 2 and it's awesome. I compared the Apple dock with a Chord Co. iChord 3.5mm to RCA and there's no comparison. The iChord was returned immediately.
I use an Iriver as opposed to I pod. The Iriver has a line in feature that allows me to record direct from my TT or CDP. It does a great job for what it is. I recently made a trip to British Columbia. We were out in a very remote area. The Iriver worked very well on the long plane rides but with the Altec Lancing portable speaker set up it was great. In the middle of "no where" and had tunes. Sure, not audiophile quality but much better than no music.
I have yet to try it out as a source for backround music in my home system but I believe it will be very convenient. mistake I will re-establish on MIsc section. The Onkyo dock you are referring to...the one that comes with the IPOD itself or something else?
I've just copy & pasted over to the MISC section. See you there!