All in one Flat panel with dvd

I am looking at flat panels and with my limited space wondering is it a good idea to buy a flat with dvd combine or should I stick with separates? Also are they making flats with blue ray combined and if yes would this be a better route to go? I have to claim ignorant when it comes to much of the new video, I just have not kept up with it.
I've thought about going that route for a flat panel in our bedroom. Just realize that you're paying a premium, for what is probably not a very good DVD player. Plus if the DVD player portion dies, you'll have to add a separate player.

Not sure if there are any with Blu-ray.
No. Bad idea. When that DVD player breaks, you are going to be sorry you have to drag that TV along. and be without it while the DVD (which is a basic under $75.00 'throw-away model') is getting service.
BAD IDEA, most units that incorporate this are overall very cheap on both monitor and DVD meant for kids and novice folks who dont care much about picture quality.
Yes, I was somewhat on the same page about the DVD and having to send the whole thing in for servicing if dead. I guess the best is seperates, and to save space just wall mount.
I thank everyone and enjoy.