monsoon panel speakers?

can anyone tell me what to expect from monsoon panels. I am mostly concerned with tonal accuracy and soundstaging.
They are worth a listen, IMHO. Good imaging, a bit less than my ML's, but they (Monsoons) weren't really set up at all. Definitely good value! If you are in new england, I heard them here: Http:// they had the larger 2 sizes I think. They look better in person than in the pictures, btw.

They can have boomy bass, they are not particularly well balanced in terms of their drivers integrating, they do not compare to other high end speakers in terms of refinement, they don't image as good as other panel speakers but like all panel speakers, they do sound open and relaxed. They also play quite loud for a panel type speaker. Think of these speakers as high end lookers for the masses, who ususally buy something like Bose, and the Monsoons will soncially crush every Bose speaker that has ever been made.
Great imaging. Not super in tonal accuracy especially in the crossover region. Rest of my comments in October Stereophile. Good value for high-end wannabees.
heard them at both the Toronto HI-FI Show and the Montreal Hi Fi Show and they sounded quite good. May not be the equal to a Martin logan, Maggie but neither is the price.