All in One DAC/Pre/headphone amp vs Separates

Current top end: PC to PS Audio DLIII DAC with Cullen upgrades to Audio Research LS8 tube Pre to Ray Samuel Raptor tube headphone amp.

Status: the LS8 finally went to audio heaven so, the question

buy another tube pre-amp and plug in or....

Buy one of these new all in one type gear, looking at

B.M.C. Pure DAC
Grace M903
April Music Eximus DP1

Thoughts, assistance appreciated. Have a hard time giving up "tubes" somewhere in all this digital world.

I have had the Eximus DP1 for quite some time. The headphone portion is excellent. Initially the direct XLR feed from the PS Audio GCPH (phono preamp) fed my tube amp. Subsequently I fed the GCPH output to the Eximus and used it as the preamp. Couldn't find any difference except the loss of remote control for the volume.

I recall being surprised at the significant low end through my Sennheiser 650 headphones with the DP1. When using my earlier DAC's, I didn't think the headphones had a low end. You may find that the current DAC's produce a fuller sound. Maybe it is better jitter control and newer DAC chips. Maybe better software. I use XXHighEnd and HQPlayer.

The others have also received good reviews. If you can try them all, you might find one that speaks to your musical preference. I find the Eximus very musical, less analytical than the Sabre chip based DAC's that I have had the opportunity to hear at audio shows.

An interesting cheaper option is the WA7 from Woo Audio. Their DAC has a volume control, uses tubes, and has one set of RCA inputs. Their stuff always sounds amazing at audio shows.
Op, what kind of headphones you own? are you looking for certain sound signature?
i have beyerdynamic dt880 600ohm with moon audio silver dragon wire. looking for as warm as possible and more important howit would act as preamp to the acoustic zen adagio speakers via class d amps (channel island) thx
I tried the WA7 at a recent nyc audio show and frankly was not impressed. i thought it sounded thin and analytical unlike their great high end tube amps.