Alephs with VMPS?

Has anyone tried the Alephs (especially the 1.2 or 2) with any of the VMPS speakers (especially the RM40), especially with classical music? What did you think? Thanks.
I think NuForce Reference 9.02 or Reference 9SE -- as long as you snip out those sound-degrading yellow caps across the speaker terminals...

The caps do reduce RFI slightly, so if you have an FM tuner nearby maybe you'd want to leave them in. But for sweeter, more musical sound quality, I say, snip them out.
The 100wpc Aleph amp would probably be adequate for 90% of listeners. I listen to my RM 40's at a loud level at times and know that 100wpc will run out of steam no matter how good it's current delivery is.

I've not heard the Alephs on our speakers but have on others and they certainly had a clean sweet sound to them. Pass designs his amps for good current capability and the woofer section of the RM 40's will appreciate that. With classical it may be a very good match.

If you ask this question in the VMPS forum at you may find people who've used the Pass Aleph with Vmps speakers. There have been a few threads asking which amps to use on the Vmps forum. The answers are all over the place with not alot of consistency.

In my opinion the Van Alstine Fetvalve 550 hybrid I use to power the planar/ribbon section has been second to none in this role. The Blue Circle BC 24 hybrid was easily it's match but not enough power for me. On the woofers I know there's one other person besides myself using a Cinenova amp and another using an ATI amp. These are home theater multi channel amps. I have one extra channel is all. For the money on the used market they're a bargain.

ATI and Cinenova appear to be made by the same company as they're nearly identical. They both can deliver all the current and power you could want and sound excellent doing it. I bring this up because the money you seem willing to spend does leave other options. There's a number of us using hybrids on the top section of our RM 40's.

Tubes somewhere in the line is one consisitency. I don't want any tubeyness, just accuracy. The AVA Fetvalve amp to me is the most clean and smooth amp I've heard along with the Blue Circle. The hybrids seem to add some richness also to the midrange/treble.

Best of luck on your quest. Please ask over at the Vmps forum as you'll get alot more responses. Cheers