ARC 100.2 vs Pass Alephs

Has anyone compared these amps in a high resolution system such as electrostatics? I have a Pass Aleph V and cannot imagine a more transparent and natural amp, but it is somewhat power limited. I listen to all kinds of music through multiple sources. Are there suggestions re: upstream components and cables? Does the 100.2 sound better in a S/E mode or in a true balanced system?
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I recently traded my Aleph equipment to go back to tubes (Manley), powering Gallo Reference speakers. I loved the Pass sound while I had it, but putting tubes back in made my system sound so much more alive and exciting. In retrospect, the Pass Aleph sounded "perfect," but boring. Paul
Thanks, Paul. FYI, the 100.2 is a solid state amp that many Agoners feel is a "sleeper."
If you had ARC 100.2 before and get Pass Aleph V, you would get a serious upgrade onto your system. Pass has enough power but MLs are "too heavy" for SS(has to be at least 200W/ch) VTL MB125 will be the best bet that has triode/tetrode modes switched for different gain/power settings (55W/ch and 125W/ch). Financially VTL can be cheaper in this case.
Have you thought of upgrading your Pass? I have the Pass Aleph 4 (100 easy watts/ch)and absolutely love it powering my Revel Studios. There are also some Aleph 2 monoblocks occasionally for sale.
The Pass X150 or if you can swing it the Pass X250.