Aleph 3 replacement

I live in a very small 2 bedroom condo now and as crazy as it may seem, while I love my Aleph 3 it simply is too much cost to offset the heat output from it in the summer time. So, Im looking for a replacement and wondering what suggestions some of you might have. Id want to sell it or trade it with very little to no cash output but Id like to not lower the quality on a push pull design if thats possible. Im driving a pair of ERA D4's which I absolutely love.. smallest compact speaker I could find in the less than $900 range that could put out so much bass and not break up.. They are supposed to be driven with 100 watts of power, and of course the 30 watt Aleph has no issue with this :) Preamp is a Eico HF-85 preamp.. all tube.. so a match there might be challenging. If anyone has any advice Id appreciate it.