AKM dacs - which products use them ?

I have been pleasently surprised with the sound of my low-cost soundcard EMU 0404 and Behringer DEQ2496 digital EQ/AD/DA. They have a warm and natural sound to them.
I have noticed they both use AKM dacs which if I recall is the tool of choice for APL's Alex Peychev super modded Esoteric players which are supposed to be the "best digital sources on the planet".

I am trying to compile a list of audiophile dacs or cd/dvd players that use them hoping to find an upper scale product which would do the full justice to those dac chips in a full blown implementation.
Spraglow, AKM is widely used in Pro Audio applications. Their latest DACs and ADCs are amongst the best available today.

What is the part number on the DAC and ADC used in your equipment?

As far as I know, there are a few Pro Audio equipment manufactures who are evaluating the latest AK4396 DAC. I also think that there are now at least two High-End Audio manufacturers evaluating those too, but I am not aware of any other currently available Audiophile products using the latest AK4396 AKM DACs.

I will point the attention of AKM USA to this thread so they can provide more definitive answer.

AKM makes a lot of DACs for consumer and Pro Audio use. No big discovery by Behringer or anyone else you mentioned.
I have seen them implemented in 90$ soundcards and $30,000 SOTA rigs.
There is a lot that goes into great digital in addition to the converters.
Thank you for taking an interest in AKM's converters. while I would like to give you a list of all the manufactures that use our parts we are obligate to keep it quite as many manufactures don't like us to annouce our customer list.

The AK4396 is used in a several shipping products currently. But, I am sorry to say you will have to ask the manufactures which ones they are using.

AKM today is the largest manufacture of audio converters in the world and continues to grow. We take special care to make the parts not only perform well but also sound the best. If you look at many of the awards, "Best sound at Shows" and other for AES, and NAMM and others you will AKM powered those device.

Richard Kulavik
AKM Semiconductor
Correction, Alex of APL HiFi does not use the AKM dacs only in the new Esoteric ucdp he recently started modding.

For a number of months now, Alex has also been using AKM dacs in his later versions of the more reasonably priced APL modified Denon 3910 universal cd player.

Thanks for all the replies. There is no question there is more to a successfull design than just dac chips but I think they can provide a great head start.
It seems to me that AKM really listened to what they were making and the $90 (EMU 0404) and $200 (DEQ2496) product examples of AK4396 and AK4393 implementation I have on hand have some things in common as far as naturalness of sound goes (imo).
I understand the AK4396 is a dsd capable chip. I wonder if there are any universal players (beyond APL designs) that use it.
M-Audio Transit uses AK4584. I think it sounds better than DEQ2496.
Is this AKM related business not just a hype? I mean, I don't care whether a DAC unit has this "Miracle DAC" or not. I'm only interested in it's sound. Does the Miracle DAC guarantee whatsoever a good sound? It's as if the marketing says: If your DAC unit doesn't have the AKM, it is flawed...

The Esoteric P5 also uses AKM DACs.
The Slim Devices Transporter uses the latest and greatest AKM DAC's.

My Anthem AVM 20 preamp uses an older generation AKM DAC and ADC's too.

That you can get excellent digital sound for much lower cost today than you could in the past is a sign of progress from research at large engineering firms like AKM.