CES - Which Days?

Did everyone get their Preshow Planners yet??? Not much detail on the audio offerings... I'm driving to LV from Flagstaff, and plan to be there for three out of the four days. The question is - which days? I prefer friday through sunday, but the planner makes it seem like there isn't much going on on sunday. Is this true, or is sunday still a happenen' day for high end? Could also be a good day to help people out who'd rather sell demos than take them home. Any thoughts? Is sunday a good day, or should I focus on thursday through saturday. Thanks to the experienced ones!
There's really not much in the way of 'events' anyway. There are a few 'by invitation only' events. The real meat is going to the demos and some are not ready at the beginning. Most are. Also, although I've heard that you can make a deal on a demo early in the show, you can't take it out until close of show, anyway.
I'll be there. Does anyone want to try to setup an AudiogoN cocktail hour somewhere?
Sunday, is usually "tear down day" when all the exhibitors are starting to disassemble their displays, and preparing to go home. The morning may be ok, but the later in the day it gets, the more disassembly you will see.
I'll be there Thursday and Friday, meeting up would be cool
I noticed that the planner lists many high and medium end manufacturers for the Alexis Park Hotel. One odd thing, however, is that they are all listed as occupying "booths". I assume that they must also have listening rooms set up - but can someone offer enlightenment on this?

I guess now I'm focusing on being there thursday, friday, saturday instead of the last three days. Albert Porter mentioned this earlier - yes, let's get together! Coctail hour, dinner, etc. Sounds great to me. I'd like to meet the people who are mutually part of this A'gon community!
I'll be there for all the days. (Wed. - Sun.). the T.H.E. actually is running through Monday.

Yes "Booth" must mean room I Think. Most all the high-end stuff is at either Alexis Park or the San Remo (T.H.E. show)

definitely let's plan some sort of get together.
Ed - could explain a little more about the T.H.E. show - what it's focus is, etc.?

Also, as a means of hooking up, I'd be happy to compile a list of names and cell phone numbers of those attending, so we can make arrangements on the fly as needed. If folks think this is a good idea, email yours to me (click on my moniker below). If someone has an FTP site, we can post it there. However, I suggest that we identify two times and places during the show - like thursday night and friday coctails. What do y'all think?
Sounds good to me. cell: 775-771-5035. T.H.E. show is an add-on show that is where many of the high end manufacturers are exhibiting (have been for a few years) which is lower cost than CES, runs concurrently (in the San Remo - good rooms cheap), and is focused solely on high-end audio and home entertainment. I think it's www.the-expo.net or something like that... There will be more high-end audio gear there than at the Alexis Park, I think. CES hates it of course, but the hell with them. ;-)

I'll email the cell phone list out to all who add to it. Albert, where are you???