Airport Xray scanner harmful to integrated chips?

Hi all, I have couple of TDA1541 S2 chips that I'm going to take along with me for a trip. Does anyone know if the airport security scanner that uses Xray can damage integrated chips?
If it did we'd have a hard time shipping them by air. (People and cargo in planes actually get exposed to a fair amount of cosmic radiation because of the altitude.) And we wouldn't use them because of unreliability.

People routinely take electronics (including digital camera media) through airport scanners without ill effects.

I don't expect you'll have any problems.

Camera's, Lap-top's, Palm Pilot's, WalkMan's, Ipod's, Cell Phone's and any number of electronics in carry on bags go into scanners everyday so why worry?
Undeveloped rolls of film can be fogged by the X-ray scanners, both for carry on & checked luggage.
My credentials ...20++ years in working with X-ray. X-ray is used routinely on circuits for quality control. No harm will be done. In fact, real time X-ray is also used in the baby food industry to look for broken glass in the glass jars. There is no harm to food from being X-ray’d. In fact, it is useful for killing bacteria. As said, un-exposed film should not be exposed to radiation but developed film would be OK. X-ray IMO is confused and mis-understood by people more than audio can be.
Chadnliz, I know that there's no film used in a digital camera. I just wanted to inform members about the only thing that can be affected by the X-ray scanners.