Airport Express vs. Squeezebox 3

Wondering if anyone as compared the two? No external DACs. Using Lossless format. I have the Airport Express and love the ease of use with the Mac. Curious if the SB would be an upgrade.
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No contest. The stock SB3 beats the stock AE.
try a good cable on the AE and you will be surprised. Had both and the SB software was just plain too buggy. Compared to Itunes its was no contest in terms of overall functionality.
I use an Airport Express with optical out to Entech Number Cruncher 205.2. Still cheaper than SB3, and sounds great!
I have tried "good cables" and even modded the heck out of the AE. It is called an Off-Ramp Wi-Fi. It is a LOT better than the stock AE, but still not as good as a stock SB3. I have all of these, the SB3, AE, Sonos and Olive.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
airport moded like that beat all i know in usb/ethernet computer audio..

the first model is at 800$ and the big at 2000$
replace an audio aero Capitole 24/192 MKII se

( i have also tried HAGUSB,OFFRAMP Turbo, Wavelength brick, moded Squeezebox3,..)